What We're Listening to This Week #2

Woah hows that weather eh?! Seems it's either rays of sunshine and happiness or grey downbeat gloom here in Wellington. Which brings us to the this week's playlist, a mix of down-beat and dance. 

Kicking off the list this week we have three tracks from the new Late night Tales compilation by Nightmares on Wax. Late Night Tales is a compilation series similar to the classic Back to Mine series. They invite the world's best artists to delve deep into their music collections to create the ultimate "late night" selection. The series features expertly curated mixes by the likes of MGMT, The Flaming Lips, Metronomy, Groove Armada and more top artists. 
As you can guess by the name all the tracks are in the downbeat genre but not without a great heaping of groove and soul.

My top 3 from the album are:

Omi has a new track out called Hula Hoop. It's a good Follow on from his hit Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix). Hula hoop has all the trademarks of an Omi track, catchy pop beats, that summer jamaican sound and more more horns.

The final track this week is Easy love by Sigala. It's a big banging dance number with a classic sample from ABC by the Jackson 5. Pretty hard to go wrong with such a classic hook.

Hopefully next week is all sunshine and we can do a summer summer playlist. Enjoy 

Listen to the full playlist here: WWLTTW #2 On Spotify.

Getting your first dance song just right

Today is DJ Deano's first blog for the What We're Listening To Lately Blog - I'm going to do something different for this week's Blog and let you in a bit of secret sauce about getting the First Dance song just right.
This is in response to a couple of requests we've received from Wedding Crasher clients who want to:

  1. get the music absolutely perfect for their fist dance and  
  2. want to take the First Dance to the next level! What I'm talking about here is editing music in the studio before the Big Occasion...

Firstly, as I've heard from 80% of Wedding Crasher couples, they are NOT skilled Salsa dancers and approach the First Dance with a certain degree of fear and trepidation! 'Fear not' I say, in reality you can get away with with the ol' 'slow shuffle' which is perfectly acceptable and kinda sweet.

20 to 30 seconds TOPS is all that is really needed for the photographer to get those landmark shots and your friends and family to say "Aaaahhh - what a couple". Then cue the Bridal Party/Parents of Bride & Groom onto the D floor to take some of the attention load.

Back to the music - just last night I spent some time editing tracks for said discerning clients - music recorded by the artists was simply not up to the standard!

So, there's a few tricks we at The Wedding Crashers can do to assist here. If a particular song, say 'Tenerife Sea' by Ed Sheeran has a vocal line in it that doesn't quite resonate with the occasion, no sweat, we can use music editing software to cut 'n' dice the track so the offending line is no more - and make it sound like it was supposed to sound that way. 


Or, another example is a song that has a great intro but then gets a bit unruly either at the crescendo or other part of the song. No problemo, simply edit that bit out, grab an instrumental line, loop and fill in the gap so the song flows and works better for the First Dance.

Some couples want that unruly element however and aren't afraid to make a splash during the First Dance - these extroverted types are looking to take it to the next level - so often we're asked to splice two (or more) songs together.

A typical example would be to start off with a lower tempo, ballady-type-song and then when the crowd least expects it, break out into something epic!

A good example was one I prepared last night for a couple which kicked off with Holding You by Stan Walker & Ginny Blackmoore then dropped into Shut Up And Dance by Walk the Moon - great! It has the best elements of both worlds, the slow dance at the beginning and a clarion call to the guests 'get on the d-floor!'

If you'd like to know more about planning the music for the First Dance, simply contact us by email, of pick up the phone and talk to DJ Deano - 0800 WEDDING (933346).



PS Let me know what you think..:)