What Were Listening To This Week #1

What Were Listening To This Week #1

Welcome to the first blog post here at The Wedding Crashers. What We're Listening To This Week(WWLTTW) is the unofficial soundtrack to life here. As you can guess it's all about what we are digging this week, right here right now. Something old, something new and always something good. 
Each week, we will throw out 5+ songs maybe a video, definitely a link and maybe even a review.

No Romance by Tirzah put out her lo-fi pop track came out in April 2014. It's a poppy bit of romantic summer fun.

Can't do without you by Caribou was released at the same time. The perfect sentiment for any wedding by name and intensity. It starts off lo and slow then just grows in size and intensity into something epic.

Razor by Fat Freddies. Our pick as the stand-out track from Freddies new album 'Bays'. These boys just keep getting better. World class. 

Turnaround by AhoriBuzz is another great kiwi track. Full of soul and funk with that raregroove flavor. Checkout the cover version  by Fly My Pretties.     

Loud places by Jamie XX is one of the standout tracks from 2015 'In Color' album.

Skrillex and Diplo present Where are you now by Justin Bieber
We're not usually big Bieber fans but when you pair him up with Diplo and Skrillex you have a monster hit on your hands. 

Listen to the full playlist here: WWLTTW #1 On Spotify
and tell us what you  think.