Here's just some of the great music we can bring for your day. 

Have a browse, gather some ideas, then contact us to get the ball rolling.

60’s, Soul & Motown

It’s well-known with a classy, upbeat and sophisticated sound.


70’s & 80’s Classics

Everyone knows these classic tunes. Later in the evening there is nothing better than some epic sing-along tunes.



90’s, 00’s & Today

Something fresh and contemporary. A big bass sound with hip-hop and house flavours. Can come with massive dance anthems.

Swing & Jazz

Re-create that great golden era of ‘The Great Gatsby’. Up-tempo, big band tunes perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon drinking champagne and the hors d’oeuvre.

Rock Power Anthems

Strictly for the peak of the evening. Everyone loves a good boozy sing-along with a bit of air-guitar thrown in there. Think big hair bands and 70’s stadium rock.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Great to get everyone up and rocking. This swinging music gets the hips going to bust into those rock 'n' roll moves.