Simple & professional

Packages for every wedding 

Our services are bundled into convenient, fully-managed(we can manage everything) packages to cover every wedding size. All of our packages include DJ gear hire, pro sound and lighting hire and travel within the Greater Wellington Area.

We’ve got two main base packages to choose from depending on whether you want service for the ceremony/canapes time. Each of our base packages comes in three sizes – Standard, Lite and Plus sizes depending on venue size and guest numbers. Simple.


Whole Shebang packages

A full 9 hour package covers the whole day. This includes the ceremony, canapés dinner and dancing. We do multiple setups for each stage as needed.


Dine 'n'  Dance packages

Our 6 hour package, perfect for those couples who need us for the reception, speeches, dinner and dancing only.



other performers

Acoustic or solo performers

We have a small range of professional acoustic or solo performers perfect for weddings who we include in our packages, so if you’re looking for a singer/guitarist, we’ve got you covered. 

If you have your own performer, family member or friend who’s keen to perform, we can provide mics and an input into our sound system and we can make sure they sound awesome and record the performance for use in your video.