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+ When do you set up - is that included in the performance time?

We like to get to the venue at least 2-3 hours prior to guests arriving so we can set up the various areas out of sight of the guests, and have some music going as your guests arrive - no crickets or tumble-weeds to be heard.

+ How much space do you need for your setup?

It depends on the scale of the show, the size of the venue and the number of guests - usually we'll be set up on the dance floor area, close to the reception area too for speeches. At a minimum we'll need a space 4.0m x 2.0m.

+ What if our ceremony, canapes and reception are in different areas, like, I want to have the ceremony outside?

Easy, our Whole Shebang package allows up to three locations or musical 'zones' where we provide a mini-pa sound system - as long as we can safely run power to those locations. Quite often the venue may have an outside deck or veranda - in those situations we often put a speaker and party light out there so you have a separate outdoor party zone - how cool is that.

+ Can we request songs and music?

Of course you can - we like to engage with our couples beforehand to understand the tone of the event and your musical expectations for the evening, and we have our new Care Package planning document where you can list your 'must play' tracks. We also have our new Suggest-A-Song cards - these are in the shape of an old-school cassette and have spaces for many song requests - your guests will love them!

+ Do we really need a microphone for the ceremony?

Yes, absolutely - in outdoor situations, the human voice does not carry, and the slightest breeze will drown out un-amplified voices! You want your guests to hear the celebrant and vows right? A lapel mic and wireless handheld are included in the package (Whole Shebang only) for this purpose - most celebrants are used to using them and have no problems with it. Plus, if you plan to video the event, then it's a must for the recording.

+ What sort of lighting is included?

We offer a party lighting package which is sized appropriately for your event - we switch on this lighting in time for the first dance - it looks cool and makes the photos look awesome too. Disco-type lighting helps to energize the dance floor and draws in your guests for dancing. We also offer event lighting for the reception space in the form of LED up-lights which 'wash' the walls - very cool-looking effect that looks great in the photos.

+ What if I want a mirror ball or illuminated dance floor?

That's easy, we have many optional extras for those couples who really want to make a splash on the dance floor - foggers, dance floors, other lighting effects, name it - we can provide an option for you!

+ Is travel included in the package price?

For most events in the Greater Wellington Area, yes, travel/vehicle expenses are included. If you are outside that area, say Horowhenua, Rangitieki, Manawatu or Tararua, just contact us for a price. For further afield wedding locations, accommodation may be required for our team, again, we can provide a price for that too.

+ What happens if it's rainy or wet?

We hope that it isn't, but if the ground is saturated, or it is raining we expect that you have arranged a contingency plan with the venue to take the ceremony/canapes inside. We work with the space we're given for this purpose. Please note - we can not operate our equipment or run power safely in wet conditions - it's an electrical hazard.

+ How does it work with your video package?

We have a great video team with the latest camera gear, drones and lighting equipment included. We will consult with you in advance of the event to establish the tone look and feel of the video, and arrange for access to the various locations and shots to be obtained (getting ready in the venue for example). Lapel mics and wireless handheld mics are already included in all Wedding Crasher packages, and it's a simple task to record the proceedings for crystal clear audio on your video - plus the music for the ceremony and other important parts of the wedding are captured too - it's a fully coordinated service!

+ Can we meet with the DJ before the event?

Yes you can - we like to engage with our couples as much as possible in preparation for the wedding which includes practically unlimited pre-event consultation. We'll often meet our couples over a coffee or drink in a relaxed setting and we take the time to listen and, advise where we can. Plus it's a bit of fun and all part of the service.



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