Setting the scene

Our team set up the equipment long before your guests arrive and have the music going

so your friends and family arrive into a welcoming musical environment.



The ceremony

This is the main event. We provide a mini-gazebo for outdoor settings and a mini PA system with wireless lapel mic for your celebrant and a handheld mic for any readings – essential for outdoor weddings where it’s important everyone can hear what’s going on. 

We manage the ceremonial music in a professional, tasteful way – no awkward starts or gaps from an iPod or phone! And because the music and speech audio is through our system, we can easily record crystal-clear sound for use in your video.



The canapés


Time to celebrate and for friends and family to catch up.
We provide the background music to create the perfect atmosphere.

Choose from one or more of our great Wedding Crasher playlists or choose a solo performer to compliment the occasion.




Dinner & Speeches

Time to take your seat for the formal part of the evening. Here we provide the main setup: a professional sound system, room accent lighting and a wireless handheld mic for use during speeches and by the MC.

We use carefully placed, low-profile speakers, so the guests can hear what’s going on without getting blasted!
We manage the music in between speeches, announcements for a seamless, flowing show and all audio can be easily recorded for use in videos later.




Dancing & Beyond

Whether you're after the traditional first dance or the full flash mob, we cater for any style. From here we get everyone on the dance floor and as the night progresses, off come the shoes and it's time for a boogie.
From the first dance to the last song we will rock the party.

Guest requests and shout-outs are always welcome.